How to bid:
Anyone wishing to bid and purchase on our site must create a WordPress account. You can then bid on items. When you click on an item to bid you will be directed to enter your WordPress username and password or create a count.

How to pay and pick up my items:
If you are the winning bidder please come to 1651 Needmore road, Dayton OH 45414 to pay for and pick up your item. We can accept cash, check and credit cards for winning bid. Items can be picked up Monday – Friday (except legal holidays) between 9an and 4:30pm. You can call before coming 937-898-2220

Who gets the money from these auctions?
Choices In Community Living client wish list. The wish list provides funds for clients that want or need something that they cannot afford on their own.

Can I donate something for the auction?
Yes. While we may not accept all items if you have something you wish to donate please give us a call. We have limited space for storage.

If I donate do I get any money?
Depends. When a client living in one of our homes auctions an item they may choose to receive the winning bid amount. When an employee, the agency or other individual donates an item all of the funds benefit the Wish List.

Can you ship an item?
No. Items must be picked up within one week or the item will be auctioned again.